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Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high...and a dreames that you dreamed there...and somewhere might be a Seckret Place for You, to relax,if you need,or thinking Your inner thoughts,or just enjoy ,that You ARE-right NOW...and there...
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P.S.I would try in future to translate in english shortly about I had wrote in estonian,but most of videos and links are in english anyway...Hope You´ll find something ,what You need to find for Yourself.

EESTI KEELES on osa tekste.Sinul,kes Sa põhiliselt eesti keeles loed,ei tasu nüüd ehmatada ära,et osa pealkirju algul inglise keeles,osa neist olen koondanud nii eesti kui inglise keelse pealkirja alla,osa on eraldi postitatud.Loodan,et see väga ei raskenda Sul Sind huvitavat leidmast.Videod küll enamjaolt inglise keelsed...aga...pilt ju silmnähtav igas keeles ja muusikaga sama lugu.Ilusat kohtumist!

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torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2009

Last supper/Let My Words Be Few/ Püha õhtusöömaaeg

Let My Words Be Few - Phillips, Craig & Dean

The (First) Apocalypse of James

Codex Tchacos

The Lost Gospel Of Judas
"...Who wrote the Gospel of Judas?
The author of the Gospel of Judas remains anonymous. The original Greek text of the gospel, of which this is a Coptic translation, is thought to have been written by a group of early gnostic Christians sometime between when the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were penned and A.D. 180. ..."

Ancient Wordsüha_õhtusöömaaeg:
Püha õhtusöömaaeg on evangeeliumites kirjeldatud sündmus, kus Jeesus einestab viimast korda koos oma jüngritega.

Püha õhtusöömaaja käigus annab Jeesus jüngritele mõista, et nende hulgas on äraandja (Juudas Iskariot). Jeesus ennustab, et Peetrus teda peatselt maha salgab. Jeesus murrab leiba ja pakub veini, öeldes, et see on tema ihu ja veri.

Ja ta võttis leiva, tänas ja murdis ja andis neile, öeldes: "See on minu ihu, mis teie eest antakse. Seda tehke minu mälestuseks!" (Luuka 22:19) "

Püha õhtusöömaaeg (Leonardo da Vinci)

Suur reede - liikuv püha, kuulub suure nädala sisse, 17. märts ... 20. aprill


Suur Reede Reede.htm

Rahvatähtpäev: suur reede

Arvo Part - Passio

Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi secundum Joannem

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The following facts about Jesus were written by early non-Christian sources:

  • Jesus was from Nazareth.
  • Jesus lived a wise and virtuous life.
  • Jesus was crucified in Palestine under Pontius Pilate during the reign of Tiberius Caesar at Passover time, being considered the Jewish king.
  • Jesus was believed by his disciples to have died and risen from the dead three days later.
  • Jesus’ enemies acknowledged that he performed unusual feats they called “sorcery.”
  • Jesus’ small band of disciples multiplied rapidly, spreading as far as Rome.
  • Jesus’ disciples denied polytheism, lived moral lives, and worshiped Christ as God.

Theologian Norman Geisler remarked:

“This general outline is perfectly congruent with that of the New Testament.”9

All of these independent accounts, religious and secular, speak of a real man who matches up well with the Jesus in the Gospels. Encyclopedia Britannica cites these various secular accounts of Jesus’ life as convincing proof of his existence. It states:

“These independent accounts prove that in ancient times even the opponents of Christianity never doubted the historicity of Jesus.”10

Has the tomb of Jesus Christ been discovered in the Jerusalem suburb of Talpiot?:

"...Yet Dr. Randy Ingermanson’s statistical analysis of the probability indicates that there is less than one chance in 10,000 that this was the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth....

The Passion Of The Christ Trailer

Click here to continue reading about "Was Jesus a real person? " LÄHENEVAD LIHAVÕTTED!

Armastuse ja rõõmu sõnum


Kristuse Kannatused
(The Passion of the Christ)

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